Online Whitewater Resources

Online Whitewater Resources

Every website back in the day had their links page which was a great way to find other informational site. Now that it doesn’t help for SEO they all seem to have disappeared. Below is a list of places I go online to get whitewater information.

Online Guides

Whitewater Guide Book

Zach Collier of the Northwest Rafting Company has descriptions to an incredible number of whitewater rivers in the west.

Cal Creeks

Bill Tuthill’s site has been around for decades and is still one of the most comprehensive sources of whitewater information on the web. Bill gets after it mainly in his inflatable kayak but also does some rafting. So many of his write-ups give a low flow perspective.

A Wet State

Daniel Brasuell’s site has many random rivers all over the world. He is a kayaker and his guide is from that perspective.

Flow Information


Dreamflows is the best source for river flows in the western United States. Chris Shackleton breaks down river flows by region: California/Nevada, Northwest, and the Four Corners region. While Dreamflows is known for river flow information, if you dige a little deeper their are links to write-up and maps of pretty much every run in the west.

American Whitewater

Besides being and outstanding organization that protects rivers and helps improve access. AW also has probably the most extensive database of rafting runs in the US. Their river write-ups are varied in their level of depth. Check out their release calendar to find out when rivers will be flowing in your state.

This site is a little more challenging to navigate. To find flows for a given state go to the flow search page and select a state.

Youtube Channels

Gear Garage

Zach Collier is a nerd in the best way braking down different aspects of running whitewater. He discusses gear, boating techniques and other odd river related topics.

Rafting Magazine

Rafting Magazine has some good videos particularly those that John Kosakowsky and his brother Daniel Jenkins are in. Those two have an amazing amount of knowledge.


River Talk

Hosted by Priscilla Macy, Erik Weiseth, and Zach Collier, River Talk hits on a wide array of whitewater topics.

We Are Rivers

Podcast by American Rivers that focuses on topics related to river conservation.

Message Boards

Boater Talk

The Gear Swap page has lots of kayaking gear. Site seems a little more East Coast Centered.


Boof is a good place to buy and sell kayaking gear on the west coast particularly in California.

Mountain Buzz

Mountain Buzz is probably the best whitewater message board. It is a good place to buy and sell kayaking gear particularly if you live in or near Colorado. Their general forums for rafting and kayaking are much more used than Boof or Boater Talk.