Packrafting the Franklin River
Franklin River packrafting at Rock Island

Packrafting the Franklin River

I can still taste the dread that swaddled me upon our arrival at the boat launch. I had anticipated the Franklin River packrafting trip for months and my sense of eager anticipation only grew during the misty, winding trip into the mountains toward the Collingwood River Bridge. I remember how the joy of seeing more echidnas in that three-hour drive than I had seen in an entire year in mainland Australia was suddenly snatched from my chest and replaced with fizzy, churning anxiety. The catalyst of my fear was an interpretive sign at the boater self-registration kiosk announcing the hazards that lay ahead of us—strainers, class IV+…

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Online Whitewater Resources

Every website back in the day had their links page which was a great way to find other informational site. Now that it doesn't help for SEO they all seem to have disappeared. Below is a list of places I go online to get whitewater information. Online Guides Whitewater Guide Book Zach Collier of the Northwest Rafting Company has descriptions to an incredible number of whitewater rivers in the west. Cal Creeks Bill Tuthill's site has been around for decades and is still one of the most comprehensive sources of whitewater information on the web. Bill gets after it mainly in his inflatable kayak but also does…

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Grand Canyon Rafting Companies

There are two types of Grand Canyon Rafting Outfitters. The first called licensed commercial rafting outfitters are the 16 companies that take people on trips down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. The second are the five Grand Canyon private trip outfitters also called the non-commercial trip support companies. These companies provide food and gear for groups that have won a private permit on the river. Due to the popularity of rafting the Colorado River through Grand Canyon it can be challenging to find space. While there is a rumor that you have to contact companies years in advance, every year there are many spaces that go…

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